This week, we are proud to share Kelsey McLaughlin’s experience as an Analyst. 

Kelsey McLaughlin started her journey with Sendero as an Associate. During her time at Sendero, she’s worked on large-scale data center relocation project, supervised the training efforts for an organizational change management project, and created a marketing insights group to support Sendero’s Marketing team. 

Kelsey sat down with us to share her experiences at Sendero and what it means to be an Analyst.

How has Sendero helped you build Management Consulting skills as an Analyst? 

I have learned to manage different types of projects with large teams ranging across all different industries. By being exposed to various roles and industries, I continually learn new skill sets and find ways for our Sendero team to enhance our client experience.

What’s been your most impactful project so far?

One of the most impactful projects I have worked on was a data center relocation. This project required coordination and management of over 40+ people ranging from all types of organizational teams and vendors. It has been my most challenging project for me because of the technical subject matter and project team size, but it was also the most rewarding from the experience I gained.

How did your role change as you moved from Associate to Analyst? 

I think the biggest change from Associate to Analyst is that you have the opportunity to lead and mentor younger coworkers. With this opportunity comes responsibility, as an Analyst owns team accountability and results. I love serving in mentorship roles where I can support and encourage younger coworkers in their personal endeavors and professional development.

I love serving in mentorship roles where I can support and encourage younger coworkers in their personal endeavors and professional development.

You’ve been heavily involved with the Marketing committee internally at Sendero – tell us a bit about that. 

At Sendero, we are encouraged to pursue our passions with internal work. I majored in Marketing and have paired this interest with analytics. I formed a digital analytics subcommittee that I lead within the Marketing department. Our team evaluates Sendero’s digital presence and provides actionable insights for improvements.

What advice would you share with a college student considering a career in consulting?

I would recommend a consulting career for those who are seeking dynamic environments, client-facing roles, and team-oriented work. A consulting career is both challenging and rewarding. Every day is an opportunity to learn, collaborate with others, and add value.

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